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Do Not Research Vacation Hotel Too Much

do not research vacation hotel too much

Are You an Experienced Traveler? Chances are, you have likely experienced the frustration of searching for your ideal hotel. A recent study suggests that two out of three vacationers become overwhelmed with information when researching hotels – leading them to book the wrong resort or dates altogether.

As you search for hotels for your upcoming vacation, here are a few helpful hints from the Better Business Bureau serving Western Virginia to keep the process straightforward and stress-free.

Before choosing your hotel, try and book one that offers loyalty programs or rewards points on stays. Loyalty members should check their hotel website for deals they may offer directly (though beware fake OTA rates!). Or alternatively use an aggregator site like TripAdvisor or Kayak; these sites search a wide array of OTA and hotel sites before providing you with options before sending you straight to book the one of your choice.

As important as it may be to stay within budget when selecting a hotel, remember that not all expensive options have to be luxury properties. There are plenty of budget hotel options in New York and other popular vacation spots that provide five-star experiences without breaking the bank – one such hotel being The Knickerbocker Hotel on Manhattan’s West Side since 1906 that offers luxurious amenities for less than $200 per night.

One tip when booking all-inclusive resort packages is to avoid them unless they meet all your needs perfectly. Some all-inclusive packages may include activities you won’t enjoy or food you don’t eat; if your trip revolves around following a vegan diet, an all-inclusive package might not be best suited.

Do not be scared away by hotels with less-than-ideal reviews and lower ratings than their rivals; doing so may save money and result in an equally enjoyable vacation experience.

Make sure that your vacation is truly rejuvenating by not allowing hotel booking to become stressful. A little careful planning and consideration will allow for a memorable and rejuvenating vacation experience.