Newest Station on the RTA’s 55th Line

Newest Station on the RTA’s 55th Line

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, or RTA, serves Cleveland and Cuyahoga County suburbs by providing over 44 million rides annually via its buses, trolleys, and rail lines. RTA strives to offer safe, efficient first-class service through its fleet of more than 6,000 vehicles; additionally its website and mobile apps provide access to its schedules/maps, while passengers may purchase tickets either electronically or directly online.

East 55th Street Station will officially open to public use on August 19, marking its inaugural operation as both rapid transit and light rail share the same route, providing neighborhood residents a direct link to other parts of Cleveland as well as jobs and services available downtown Cleveland. It features low and high platforms to accommodate various height railcars as well as an enclosed waiting area and protective canopy to shield riders from harsh elements.

As with other RTA rapid transit stations, this one is equipped to make accessibility possible for people with disabilities. It includes audible and visual announcements, tactile flooring and escalators as well as a level platform edge accessible via ramp – plus its beautiful glass canopy provides natural lighting with views over its neighborhood – providing the ideal place for relaxing or working during your commute regardless of the weather!

James Corner has designed this station as part of the larger Opportunity Corridor project. Stretching from Interstate 490 to University Circle, this corridor will bring jobs, homes and retail opportunities as well as connect to Cleveland Clinic and University Circle Metroparks. As one of the main stops along its new boulevard route, this stop will help create a sense of place within its surrounding community.

Electric railway cars provided connectivity between downtown, the east side of Cleveland, University Circle, Shaker Heights and Downtown Cleveland in the late 19th century. When the Van Sweringen brothers added their planned streetcar suburb Shaker Heights and Downtown in 1920 via what became known as Green Line/Blue Line service, trip times for commuters decreased substantially.

GCRTA 55 – Cleveland State Line bus serves count_of_stops bus stops throughout Cleveland from North Olmsted Industrial Pkwy Loop to Stj Transit Center, with an affordable fare of $2.50 available at each bus stop or through RTA Passes & Fares or local businesses through Computer Advantage Program. Tickets may also be purchased at Tower City Rapid Station as well as 150+ locations across the region – each bus equipped with bicycle carriers to carry up to three bikes! Using RTA Trip Planner or downloading free mobile apps app you can monitor live arrival times on 55 – Cleveland State Line routes!