Why Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

Why Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

Sports events not only draw large sums of money into an economy, but can also have an immense positive effect. Visitors from around the globe come for these events and it helps boost local hotel room nights as well as stadium gate revenue. A good sports event should not only draw money into an economy but can also have positive repercussions for hotel room nights and gate revenue for stadiums.

Sniper training is an integral component of law enforcement teams’ ability to defend public venues during active shooter or terrorist attacks, such as at events like Super Bowl or NASCAR races. A police sniper Response to a Public Venue (PSRPV) course offers training that equips experienced police snipers with proactive overwatch protection of any public venue that could become the target of domestic or international terrorism attacks.

The PSRPV course can be found anywhere from commercial sport events to intercollegiate campuses. Sniper instructors work with each venue to understand its threat landscape, case studies and need for covert and overt hides before instructing their snipers in how to conduct pre-planning operations and set up overwatch positions; live firing into purpose built rifle traps using both traditional prone position as well as tri and quad mounts is taught, with students also learning to select their final firing positions (FFPs) according to factors like wind speed, weather conditions or terrain.

This course offers students a rare training experience, using real-life scenarios to learn what it takes to provide proactive monitoring at any public venue. Furthermore, students will be tested physically by being required to consistently place all shots into a small diamond target regardless of distance, angle or conditions.

One reason snipers are present at major sporting events is due to the risk of terrorist attack; this is particularly relevant if high-profile politicians or celebrities will be present at an event.

As part of their security precautions, law enforcement presence at high-profile events such as Super Bowl is expected to remain invisible – this explains why snipers can often be found perched above stadiums at Super Bowl games or any event with significant attention drawn towards it. While it might seem strange seeing one perched above an entire stadium, remembering a terrorist attack could happen at any moment is essential and security measures such as this sniper deployment are in place to keep all people safe including themselves and any snipers seen atop stadiums is to keep everyone safe – even including them! Business Insider subscribers have access to this exclusive article only available only them and start reading right now! Become one today and start reading right now by becoming an Insider subscriber and starting reading now!