Is Online Gambling Legal in Your State?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Your State?

Sports betting has gained legal status in more than 30 states across the US, but online casino gambling remains restricted in its reach compared to sports betting. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t found a foothold in certain states where sports betting remains illegal.

To determine whether online gambling is legal in your state, our interactive map below can help. It displays where wagering is currently available as well as when we expect it to launch in places yet unaffected by betting sites. Clicking on your state will provide more details regarding its laws.

The map also displays states that permit online poker and those that have legalized social casinos, and most offer some form of regulated gaming, though the number of licensed sites may be limited due to factors like reliable internet connections and legacy operators that have yet to update their software to comply with modern gaming standards.

As you navigate the map, you will also notice a list of games that can be found at each location – this may include video slots, table games and lottery-like scratch-off tickets. While initial options may be limited at present, we expect this number to expand as more developers offer these products for sale.

New York, as one of the more heavily-regulated gambling markets in the country, has made great strides when it comes to answering whether online gambling is legal there. Their state government works diligently to ensure only reputable and trustworthy operators are permitted to operate within its borders, with an extensive list of approved sportsbooks and full casinos displayed publicly on their website. Furthermore, NY’s licensing board allows players to download pdf versions of weekly and monthly financial reports of each licensed operator, further increasing transparency.

Other states present more complex situations. Ohio was able to get sports betting operating thanks to an Ohio Supreme Court ruling last year, yet still lacks online casinos due in part to Indian tribes having influence in this matter and being reluctant to open their doors up to competition.

Mississippi, an extremely conservative state, has struggled to legalize sports gambling but recently passed a bill allowing retail locations to begin taking bets this spring. Meanwhile, South Carolina and Tennessee already offer legal sportsbooks, with South Carolina planning on introducing online betting soon as well. Montana already provides sports betting via Intralot Lotteries’ lottery company retail locations but lawmakers could consider expanding this industry further.