Is Online Gambling Legal in New York?

Is Online Gambling Legal in New York?

New York’s relationship with gambling can be complex – particularly online gambling. When engaging in casino or other forms of iGaming in New York state, keep the following points in mind when engaging in any form of casino gaming or other forms of iGaming: (1) the legal age to gamble is 21; while you technically could begin gambling online at 18 for real money games. Furthermore, most operators require 21+ age requirements before offering real money games; 2) regulated casinos have age/location restrictions which prevent minors from accessing them sites

New Yorkers still enjoy gambling to varying degrees despite these limitations; from sports betting to other forms of gambling. Since January 2022, New Yorkers can place bets on sports events at licensed operators – an increasingly popular pastime and making New York one of the largest gambling markets in America.

New York boasts three commercial casinos, four tribal casinos and numerous racinos with casino gaming options, in addition to online lottery and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games that can be found online within its borders. New York State Lottery alone generates more than $8 billion each year thanks to Mega Millions games and other prize offerings.

New Yorkers can also join in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), which is federally-regulated and heavily taxed, competing against players across the nation for cash prizes. Though its relationship to New York State may be more complex than gambling’s is, steps have been taken to expand DFS as an industry.

Although iGaming bills to legalize online casino gaming in New York did not pass muster in 2022 and 2023 budgets, their future looks promising. With several leading DFS operators already present in New York state and lawmakers working towards legal online casino gaming becoming available soon for New Yorkers.

If New York decides to legalize iGaming in the future, expect similar rules and regulations as those applied to sports betting. The minimum age will likely be 21, geolocation technology will be utilized to prevent anyone outside of New York from playing, licensing and tax rates will resemble those established for sportsbooks as well.

As for who will regulate New York’s forthcoming online casinos, their regulation remains unclear at present. Although the state gaming commission could handle it themselves, there has been significant pressure for an independent regulatory body to handle this task instead. Regardless, its purpose should be clear: providing New Yorkers with safe, secure and fair casino gaming as well as other iGaming options which could benefit New York over time, specifically providing revenue that could help close deficits projected over the coming years.

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