Are Casino Games Rigged?

Are Casino Games Rigged?

When playing casino games, you want to know that the odds are in your favour and that you won’t be cheating yourself out of money. Naturally, this could lead to questions of rigged games; there have even been reports of people having their money stolen this way. But this question of are casino games rigged doesn’t really have merit as most casinos are regulated and have strict policies in place to safeguard players against any fraudulent actions taken by casinos; any violations could see their license suspended as well as potentially losing it altogether.

Myths about casino games often revolve around their being “rigged” to favor the house over individuals. While it is true that statistically speaking the house will typically prevail more frequently than individuals over time, this should not be taken as evidence against individual performances in a particular game.

Why does the house always win? They program in a percentage edge into every game. This amount represents how much money the casino makes with each bet placed; for example, in blackjack with a 25-1 odds of success, for every time one player wins, 24 of these bets go directly back into winning for them, making the casino huge profits over time.

While the house holds an edge in all their games, there are various factors which may also impact your odds. These include psychological biases which are hard to escape – for example, people who have won multiple times may begin believing they’re on an upward trend and will continue winning – which means playing for small amounts rather than risking too much of your bankroll on one spin.

Keep in mind that casinos may adjust the payout rates on their machines to increase profits – although this is rare, there have been instances in brick and mortar casinos. When playing at an established online casino, this should not be cause for alarm.

If you want to avoid casinos that rig their games, the best way to do it is to read their Terms and Conditions carefully. Red flags to look out for include charging a dormancy fee or kicking you out without warning and changing their T&Cs without informing customers. Though some casinos may have done this in the past, most jurisdictions now have stringent regulation and licensing requirements to prevent this kind of behaviour happening again in future casinos.