What is the Cold Herbal Tea Paraguayans Drink?

What is the Cold Herbal Tea Paraguayans Drink?

what is the cold herbal tea paraguayans drink

Paraguayan culture holds dear the Terere beverage as an integral component. Representing friendship, hospitality and camaraderie among locals alike, it not only refreshes but is highly prized as part of ritual life – not only is Yerba Mate used to prepare this refreshing drink rich in antioxidants that boost energy while aiding digestion; furthermore it may reduce stress while increasing mental clarity – making Terere an excellent way to increase overall wellness!

Terere can be made using various healing herbs and spices known for their therapeutic effects, including lemon verbena which helps calm the mind and induce sleep, mint, boldo (a laurel family member with strong aroma and soothing properties) as well as lemon grass, chamomile and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and strawberries to add zesty flavors into its infusions.

Paraguayans traditionally enjoyed sipping terere in groups of friends in public parks or their own homes, often on sunny days when Guarani Indians introduced it. According to them, drinking yerba mate brought people closer together through social bonding experiences such as this ritual drink. Even today it remains common sight to see large gatherings seated outdoors enjoying cups of terere together!

The tradition of Terere tea drinking runs deep within local culture, and families commonly share this drink at meal times or special events. Terere is typically served in a gourd-shaped container called a Guampa and consumed through a metal straw known as Bombilla; sugar or honey can be added for additional sweetness while some individuals opt for stronger brews with more bitter notes by choosing larger opening bombillas.

Not only is terere known for its taste and health benefits, it is also an integral source of income for many Paraguayan families. Found at cafes, restaurants and local markets as well as food festivals across Paraguay – some people even make terere in their homes and sell it directly to neighbors or coworkers!

Interested in sampling this delicious beverage? There are multiple locations online where you can purchase it: online marketplaces specializing in international foods and beverages; tea retailers/distributors who carry Paraguayan yerba mate tea; local markets/speciality stores that stock it; global shipping options offered by marketplaces offer convenient shopping; or simply ship your order right to you so you can enjoy this delectable yet healthful beverage from your own home!