What is the Best Lottery Game to Play in Florida?

What is the Best Lottery Game to Play in Florida?

what is the best lottery game to play in florida

Florida lottery players have many choices available to them when it comes to playing the lottery, with 81 different games offered to Floridians that each offer different odds, prize breakdown, and strategies for success. In order to maximize returns on your investments – and win big! – choose games with greater returns – in ideal cases this should mean getting back more than what was spent on tickets; but this may not always be possible.

While it can be tempting to choose as many Florida Lottery numbers as possible, this may not always be in your best interests. Aim for numbers that have been out four or fewer games on average as these numbers are more likely to hit in the near future; additionally, try and avoid numbers that have been out more than ten games as these could become less likely winners over time.

Another key element is the frequency of winning numbers. Florida boasts the highest frequency of jackpot winners from Brevard County while Leon county ranks lowest; but even if you live in one of Florida’s less lucky counties, Leon, it’s still possible to pick out winning numbers and win the lottery!

Fantasy 5 draw game is the best Florida Lottery game to play due to its increased chances of hitting the jackpot and larger payout. Fantasy 5’s odds for winning top prize in Fantasy 5 are one in 376,992, as opposed to 22957480 or 302,575,350 respectively in Florida Lotto or Mega Millions lotteries.

Keep an eye out for lower tier prizes as well, which are distributed to winners who match four or five of the winning numbers. You can learn exactly how much you won by visiting Florida Lottery website prize amounts page.

Florida Lottery players have several ways of enjoying its exciting games, from $3 and $10 games to combination tickets that give three chances to win prizes. Although winning odds vary based on each type of ticket purchased, you can always find the latest results and odds at the official Florida Lottery website.

The Florida Lottery is a state-run lottery with a rich history of significant jackpot winnings. Gloria Mackenzie from Florida won an incredible $590 million jackpot in 2013; since then, Florida has continued its run of big winnings; in January 2016, two from Tampa area claimed the single-largest jackpot prize in US history: $1.586 billion! They took it all in one lump sum rather than spreading their winnings out over annual payments. Beyond megajackpots like Gloria’s win there have also been other smaller winners such as; some include;